Sony Vegas 15

A professional level software suite to edit high-quality, HD videos

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Sony Vegas 15
Sony Vegas Pro (64 bit) 14
Sony Vegas Pro 13.0.373

Sony Vegas Pro is a piece of video-editing software designed to create premium HD content for professional use. It includes support for gigapixel photos, Photoshop files with multiple layers, and a wide range of capture cards.

If you wanted to compare Sony Vegas Pro to another video editing suite on the market, it could only be compared with other top-of-the-line products like Apple's Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. This app does use a workflow system that is quite a bit different than the Apple or Adobe software, but it follows the same type of logical progression as other apps in the Sony family.

Users who have no experience with video editing, or who have experience in either Final Cut Pro or Premiere, may find it difficult to pick up Sony Vegas Pro since it's so different and feature-rich. Thankfully, this software has a detailed tutorial along with a wide community of users online who have documented the best ways to take advantage of everything the software can do.

This software can do just about anything a professional video editor might need. It can import content from external devices, and it supports fully HD content. There are over 300 built-in special effects and filters, and it has tools for editing text layers for subtitles. You can also optimize the quality of the image with ease.

Since this is an app from Sony, a lot of focus is centered on the audio aspect of the playback feature. You can edit videos with a tremendous range of sound effects, and the app can take advantage of VST plug-ins. You'll be able to control sound with a high degree of precision.

The video interface for Sony Vegas Pro is fairly standard, and the interface for editing is equally standard. You can see a preview of what you're working on as you make changes, and there's a timeline that helps you sync and organize video and audio elements. The modular design means you can arrange the different modules as you like for an optimal workflow.

Neither Premiere nor Final Cut Pro use this modular style, so it may take some time to get accustomed to it. However, once you are, it should streamline your workflow quite a bit. You'll also have to get used to the layout of the tools within the menus, which are obviously different than other similar apps. With a little time and patience, you'll be able to use this software to accomplish the same tasks you could in Premiere or Final Cut Pro in a much more efficient manner. That's why Sony Vegas Pro is a benchmark app for video editing, and it's an excellent alternative to other programs. If you focus on audio in your video editing process, Sony Vegas Pro is the clear choice.


  • Professional Quality
  • HD Format Support
  • Many Filters and Effects
  • Produces Professional Video and Audio
  • Exceptional Documentation


  • Overly Complex
  • Confusing Modular System

Sony Vegas is a video-editing suite that has the ability to create high-defintion content of quality that can not be matched, which places this system on par with world-class competitors.

This version of Sony Vegas is the Professional version, Sony Vegas Pro. It is one of the most versatile and powerful video editing apps on the market, and while the software was once not compatible with Adobe Photoshop files encompassing multiple layers, now it is fully compatible with such files. It also includes support for gigapixel images and a vast array of capture cards.

Adobe Premier and Final Cut are two similar applications, but those pieces of software are overly complicated, and their workflow isn't optimized because their layouts are a bit scattered. Sony Vegas Pro has a modular system that allows the user to customer their layout and optimize their workflow. While other systems that have attempted modular styles have left the user wanting more, Sony Vegas Pro meets the mark with ease.

This video editing software has been thoroughly documented online, and there is a great user manual for those who have never used it. The design is quite a bit different from other top-tier editors, so there is a bit of a learning curve. However, it takes no time to become an expert on the most basic tools and effects.

Media files from multiple different devices can be imported into the software, and that includes files that are in full HD. The software comes preloaded with more than 300 visual and audio effects that can boost the quality of any given film, and there are enough filter options to optimize the final version of any video.

As one might expect from a product made by Sony, a lot of energy went into the sound aspect of Sony Vegas Pro. The sound settings and final quality of the individual tracks can be fully controlled by the user thanks to the myriad of controls. There are also a number of plug-ins to help personalize any project.

The workflow for Sony Vegas is fairly straightforward. Users begin in a timeline that showcases the final video project over time. This sort of view is great for quickly cutting and pasting, as well as jumping between scenes quickly. The modular nature of the software allows the user to reorganize their workspace in whatever way they would like.

Once users are accustomed to the modular style of Sony Vegas Pro, they will find it exceedingly easy to use. As with all competing products, nothing is truly identical, so even systems that mirror the modular design will have differences that can easily be overcome when switching over. If nothing else, the truly modular design and elastic nature of Sony Vegas Pro could easily allow it to be reorganized to imitate another editing system.

  • Highly Documented
  • Top-Tier Audio
  • Supports HD Format
  • Tons of Effects, Sounds, and Filters
  • Professional-Quality
  • Modular Control
  • Complicated Manipulation

Novice or professional filmmakers who are searching for a middle-of-the-road video editing software will appreciate the capabilities of Sony Vegas video. This software gives videographers a way to add soundtracks to their videos, interlace separate clips and produce a final product that they can give to their friends or family.

Sony Vegas video has an intuitive interface that should help most amateurs make their way around the software. While it is simpler than higher-end video editing applications, there is a small learning curve to get past. The software does come with an excellent help section, though, and there is documentation to answer almost any question.

Sony Vegas allows the user to import raw video and incorporate special effects, subtitles, soundtracks and filters. Its interface allows for previewing imported media and any current projects that are being worked on. If the user gets stuck on completing a task, the Show Me How tutorials offer assistance by guiding a user through steps that need to be accomplished to cut or splice together separate clips, add transitions or incorporate special effects. The Show Me How guides are a great help for beginners who are visual learners and don't get much out of reading directions in a manual.

The software also has the capability of DVD and Blu-ray disc creation. Customized menus and graphics can be incorporated into a final disc that can be played for private screenings or at family get-togethers. For those individuals who just want to watch their creations online, Sony Vegas video has incorporated an online sharing function that allows a user the ability to directly upload their video to YouTube or IMDB.

Taking the time and patience to discover how the software works will arm novice editors with a powerful tool that they can use to help them create fantastic videos. Here are some pros and cons of Sony Vegas video that give a synopsis of the software's strengths and weaknesses:


- Thorough documentation and help section

- Over 300 filters

- An intuitive interface

- Plenty of video and audio effects available

- HD compatible

- Extensive audio and sound capabilities


- Learning curve for amateurs

- Lack of features for experienced professionals

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